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Scaly Tailz needs YOUR help!

Scaly Tailz offers educational reptile demonstrations, and takes in reptiles and amphibians that have been abandoned, as well as those that just need a new loving home.  We are only able to do all of this with YOUR help!  Please donate, and help us to keep doing free demos, and to continue to take in and care for reptiles and amphibians in need.  Contributions of any kind, large or small, are not tax deductible but are GREATLY appreciated!

Thank you so very much!

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Scaly Tailz needs YOUR help!  We are out of rodent feeders, and feeder bugs, and need to order some more!  Unfortunately, we have no funds for this!  PLEASE help us to raise funds so our animal's cupboard is longer bare!

Feeder rodents: $128.34

Feeder Bugs:  $24.95

Total: $153.29

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