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Welcome All!

Greetings and Salutations!  Welcome to our website!  Here at Scaly Tailz, you can meet "Nature:  Up Close & Slithery"!

Many, many (well, maybe not THAT many, lol) years ago, I discovered my love for reptiles and amphibians while caring for animals at a local pet store. This passion for these critters helped me identify the need for a reptile and amphibian rescue sanctuary, so I decided to begin providing shelter for these displaced reptiles. When my son's teachers discovered our unique pets, they were eager to have me come and share our reptile friends with the students. And like that, Voila!, Scaly Tailz was born! I have been doing educational demos since 1997!

Scaly Tailz educates and empowers local organizations by hosting live demonstrations of reptiles and amphibians, informing on and supporting wildlife conservation, and providing safety to reptiles and amphibians in need. During our demonstrations we talk about the animals we have brought, wildlife conservation, and the ways to be responsible pet owners.


Education - Share our love of reptiles and amphibians by learning more from Scaly Tailz! We offer a range of education demonstrations, consultations, and programs. These interactive experiences offer participants unique opportunities to discover more about reptiles, amphibians, and our role in the environment. Scroll down to find more details on the services we provide!

We also offer a safe and loving home for reptiles and amphibians who have been abandoned, or who are currently looking for a new home. We are currently unable to take in crocodilians, venomous species, iguanas, or large snakes...but we have experienced and willing volunteers who are able to help with these unique individuals.

We have received our 501(c)3 nonprofit status for Scaly Tailz!  Donations to Scaly Tailz are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!  Our EIN: 82-3572273 

Calling all good Samaritans!

Scaly Tailz needs to raise funding to help us with finishing renovating the trailer that will be the new home for all of our critters. Every little bit will help!  Please spread the word with others on Facebook or any other social media site.Thank you so very much for your support.  Remember, Scaly Tailz is a 501(c) nonprofit organization, so all donations are tax deductible!  Donate via PayPal at: [email protected]

Please visit our donate page to help our cause!

Scaly Tailz now has an Amazon Smile Wish List!  Please take a moment to check out our list, and see if you would be able to help out Scaly Tailz.  Thank you!

Booking Information

If your school, group, or organization would like to have an entertaining and educational reptile and amphibian demonstration, please contact us! Below is our new pricing guideline for educational programs.  Pricing is based on traveling within 20 mile distance from zip code 47403.  Further travel distances require an additional donation of $1.00 per mile, round trip:

- Schools (individual classrooms) and Day Cares: $75 per hour (one hour minimum)

- Libraries and School Events (Assemblies, Carnivals, Science Nights, etc): $125 per hour (one hour minimum)

- Birthday Parties: $150 for the first hour ($100 for each additional hour).

Special Event: If you have an event that you'd like to have an awesome group of reptiles come and liven up for you, let us know!  We'll need to know the type of events, time needed, and location.  We will calculate the cost required based on the event type (educational, recreational, fundraiser, etc.).

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