Nature: Up Close & Slithery!

A Beginner's Guide to Critter Care

If you are looking to become a reptile and/or amphibian owner, please, thoroughly RESEARCH your animal, BEFORE getting it!  This will assure that you have the right animal for you, and that you will be able to provide the right care for your animal.

This page is being updated and new information will be uploaded as it is available!



Our Critters: 

- Moe, Saphira, Levi, Rocza, and Penelope Pitstop (Bearded Dragons)

- Yertle & Mr. T (Russian Tortoises)

- Crazy Moon (Red Footed Dragon)

- Mulan (Snow Albino Corn Snake)

- Voldemort (Kenyan Sand Boa)

- Grimlock & Ruby (Red Tailed Boas)

- Karisma, Scales, & Biggie Smalls(Ball Pythons)

- Tyson (Colombian Rainbow Boa)

- Bindi, Irwin, Ren, & Stimpy (Leopard Geckos)

- Asher & Tommy Lee (Blood Red & Butter Motley Corn Snakes)

- Panzer and Speed Bump(African Spurred Tortoises) 

- Dobby, and Sirius Black (Corn Snakes)



If you have a reptile and/or amphibian that you can no longer keep, please, contact us, and see if we will be able to offer a new loving home for your animal(s).